The base protocol for clients to access zeuz is JSON-over-HTTP.

Error in request handline are reported back using standard HTTP status codes. For details see Error Handling.


All APIs use one of the three URL forms

Please see Scopes for details.

With the uppercase parts being:

All API names use only lowercase ASCII letters, digits and the underscore character '_'

All host names, IDs and API names are case sensitive.

Every request needs to have the following fields:

Field Type Description
Session SessionID The ID of an authenticated session or an empty string before authentication.
Time Timestamp The client-side time in zeuz time integer format.
ReqId string A random client-assigned request ID. This should never be reused.
SignHash string The cryptographic signature for the request header data. See Details.
Data object The API-specific request payload


Every response follows this format:

Field Type Description
Time Timestamp The server-side time in zeuz time integer format.
Error string A specific error message if an error occured.
Data object The response payload.