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Welcome to the zeuz Multiplayer Operations documentation. Here, you'll find the zeuz User Manual and API reference. You can also check out the Helpdesk and Knowledge Base.

User Manual    API Reference


zeuz provides game server hosting and hosting orchestration.

There are two documentation sections:

  • This User Manual - available in English (US) and Chinese (Mandarin).
  • The API Reference - available in English (US) and Chinese (Mandarin), and in the zeuz SDK download in English (US).
    If there is a discrepancy between the two, the API Reference in the SDK download is the most up to date.

You can also find information about using zeuz at:

Get started

  • See the Get started tutorial to set up zeuz orchestration with a test project. (Duration: approximately 60 minutes.)


The orchestration service enables you to host your online game on cost-efficient, high-performance bare metal machines or in the cloud with automatic scaling and flexible rules.

Game server orchestration manages hosting on:

  • dedicated server hardware - bare metal machines and bare metal on demand machines,
  • virtual machines - cloud servers
  • a mixture of both bare metal machines and virtual servers in Hybrid Cloud.

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