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Hybrid Cloud

As a game developer, studio or publisher, you face several challenges when it comes to hosting your game. You probably already invested a lot of time and money producing your game. Forecasting sales and usage is also a difficult task.

When making business decisions, it always boils down to risk assessment…

Risk Assessment

In case you rent a fleet of hundreds or maybe even thousands of bare-metal machines and your game’s success stays behind expectations, you are stuck with high costs, which is an additional risk.

On the other hand, if your player numbers explode and you rented too few machines, your users may get frustrated waiting for matches or experiencing other connection issues.

Using Cloud providers instead of bare-metal would solve this issue, but is tremendously pricy.


A mix might be the best, but doubles the implementation effort for developers to connect to hosting services and decide, what and why to launch where.

Hybrid Cloud is the solution to these problems. It is easy to set up and gives you the best value for money while reducing your risks.

How does Hybrid Cloud work?

zeuz’s scaler allocates and releases server nodes based on load.
The scaler automatically chooses the server-option, that brings you the best value for your money.

Typical game usage curve over one day - peaks between 8 and 9 pm

Supported cloud providers

Hybrid Cloud works with all three common cloud providers:

Advantages of Hybrid Cloud

Reduce risk

zeuz helps you predict your CCU by analysing dozens of metrics prior to launch and additionally incorporating historic data. This helps to define the correct amount of bare-metal machines for your game launch.

Best value for money

Hybrid Cloud is designed to optimize the costs of your games hosting. So your base-load is handled by bare-metal machines that are optimally tailored to your needs and mostly affordable.

More load can be handled by zeuz bare-metal on demand server pool. And even more load is automatically scaled to the cloud.

Super-simple to set up

Works automagically. On top of the zeuz integration, there is no additional code integration needed on your side. Just set up the cloud credentials in the zeuz control panel and you are ready to go.


See the pricing page.

Set up Hybrid Cloud

There is a tutorial on how to set up Hybrid Cloud for every provider, we support:

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Hybrid Cloud

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