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We charge for all server-side compute resources that you use, including servers that you use as game servers or for other backend services.

We charge a single price per unit of compute (for example, per bare-metal machine or cloud vCPU) for the time that it’s provisioned for. This price includes:

  • server sourcing, provision, and maintenance
  • Hybrid Cloud orchestration technology
  • Games Operation Centre (24/7 monitoring and support)
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection for games

Server hardware types

You can host your game on one server hardware type from the table below, or you can use a mixture of bare-metal machines and cloud servers (Hybrid Cloud). If you use a mixture, our orchestration technology scales your game across different server hardware types as needed.

Prices depend on the server hardware type that you choose. We can help you decide how much bare-metal or public cloud to reserve.

Server hardware type Regional availability Payment type Egress pricing
Reserved bare-metal Global (excluding China; regional limitations apply) Monthly, reserved in advance Included in server price*
Reserved public cloud Global (including China**; regional limitations apply) Monthly, reserved in advance Billed on use
On-demand public cloud Hourly, based on use Billed on use

*Egress limit applies but is typically sufficient to cover use, even for bandwidth-heavy games such as fast-paced action games. These limits vary by server type. For example, we might provide an allowance of 10TB per month for an 8-thread machine. Overage is billed at or near to cloud egress rates.
**Currently limited to games using SpatialOS managed networking services. Tencent Cloud provides hosting (contact Improbable if you’d prefer to use another provider). Improbable facilitates the integration between SpatialOS and the public cloud provider.

Reserved bare-metal


Currently, if you choose to host your game on bare-metal, you can’t use the SpatialOS managed networking services. Improbable plans to support bare-metal hosting alongside its SpatialOS managed networking services in 2021.

If your server requirements are stable, bare-metal is usually the cheapest way to host your game. You need to reserve upfront for at least a month, but egress is included (up to a limit; see the note below the server hardware types table) and the price per core per hour is usually cheaper than it is on public cloud.

To run your game as cost-efficiently as possible, we recommend that you run your base-load on reserved bare-metal, and then burst onto more flexible public cloud at times of peak demand. We can help you decide the best ratio for your game.

We have many different bare-metal machine configurations, across different vendors, regions, and operating systems, and with different commitment terms. This means that we can’t provide a full price list for bare-metal hosting. However, it is usually much cheaper than cloud hosting on a per machine-hour basis.

If you’d like a quote for reserved bare-metal hosting, contact Improbable. We can provide you with pricing when we understand your requirements.

Reserved public cloud

Like reserved bare-metal, reserved public cloud is cheaper than on-demand public cloud. You need to reserve upfront for at least a month, and you also need to pay for egress. For more information, contact Improbable.

On-demand public cloud

If you use on-demand public cloud to host your game, you control how much server capacity you provision and pay for. Hosting on on-demand public cloud is usually more expensive than hosting on reserved bare-metal or reserved public cloud. However, it provides more flexibility to scale your use up and down, because we charge to the nearest minute, rather than monthly.

If you’re using our cloud account, see the table below for the prices for each machine. The total price is rounded up to the nearest minute, with a minimum of 10 minutes per machine. Additional machines are available; contact Improbable for more information.

Cloud provider Machine SKU name Compute specification Price per SKU
US hosting (USD / hr) EU hosting (USD / hr) CN hosting (RMB / hr)
Server pricing
Google Cloud Platform* n1-standard-1 1 vCPU, 2.0GHz base, 3.5GHz single-core max turbo, 3.75GB RAM 0.0505 0.0551
n1-standard-2 2 vCPU, 2.0GHz base, 3.5GHz single-core max turbo, 7.5GB RAM 0.101 0.1087
n1-standard-4 4 vCPU, 2.0GHz base, 3.5GHz single-core max turbo, 15GB RAM 0.202 0.2174
n2-standard-2 2 vCPU, 2.8GHz base, 3.9GHz single-core max turbo, 8GB RAM 0.1027 0.1105
n2-standard-4 4 vCPU, 2.8GHz base, 3.9GHz single-core max turbo, 16GB RAM 0.2054 0.221
c2-standard-4 4 vCPU, 3.1GHz base, 3.9GHz single-core max turbo, 16GB RAM 0.2171 0.2338
Tencent Cloud S5.SMALL4 1 vCPU, 2.5GHz base, 3.1GHz all-core max turbo, 4GB RAM, 50GB high-performance disk N/A 0.3230
S5.MEDIUM8 2 vCPU, 2.5GHz base, 3.1GHz all-core max turbo, 8GB RAM, 50GB high-performance disk 0.6100

4 vCPU, 2.5GHz base, 3.1GHz all-core max turbo, 16GB RAM, 50GB high-performance disk 1.1840

8 vCPU, 2.5GHz base, 3.1GHz all-core max turbo, 32GB RAM, 50GB high-performance disk 2.3239

16 vCPU, 2.5GHz base, 3.1GHz all-core max turbo, 64GB RAM, 50GB high-performance disk 4.6199
S5.8XLARGE128 32 vCPU, 2.5GHz base, 3.1GHz all-core max turbo, 128GB RAM, 50GB high-performance disk 9.2037
Persistent disk pricing, per GB per month**
Google Cloud Platform Standard disk 0.04 0.04 N/A
Tencent Cloud High performance disk N/A 0.35
Egress pricing, per GB
Google Cloud Platform Egress use 0.08 0.08 N/A
Tencent Cloud N/A 0.8000

*Our N1 Google Cloud Platform (GCP) machines are Intel Skylake generation or later. Our N2 and C2 machines are Cascade Lake or later. Our default cloud provider is GCP in all regions except China, and Tencent Cloud in China. If you’d like to host on a different cloud provider, or you need different machine types, contact Improbable.

**Note that we automatically provision 40GB of persistent disk per game instance (deployment) for deployments on GCP, and 50GB for deployments on Tencent Cloud. Because of how Tencent Cloud and GCP work, this price is included in the machine price on Tencent Cloud, but is additional on GCP.

Cloud accounts

When you use cloud servers as part of our managed hosting and orchestration, you can either use your own cloud account for payment, or use our cloud account.

If you use your own cloud account:

  • you can use GCP, Azure, AWS, or Tencent Cloud
  • you manage the commercial relationship with your cloud providers
  • you pay the cloud providers for infrastructure (such as servers, disk, and bandwidth)
  • you pay the cloud providers for support (typically as a percentage of the total bill)
  • you pay us for orchestration and management (per vCPU)
  • you can’t use our managed networking services

If you use our cloud account:

  • you can use GCP or Tencent Cloud (contact Improbable if you’d prefer an alternative provider)
  • we manage the commercial relationship with the cloud providers
  • we combine the infrastructure, orchestration, and management fees into a single bill
  • we pass on our discounts on cloud infrastructure, which are normally greater than our orchestration and management fee
  • you can use our managed networking services


Prices are exclusive of local taxes and transaction charges, and are subject to change with at least 30 days written notice provided to existing users.

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