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The zeuz scaler allows your game's use of host machines to expand and contract, according to player demand so you only pay for machines to host your game servers when player demand requires it.

You set up the zeuz scaler to enable Hybrid Cloud: the scaler provisions cloud machines in addition to bare-metal machines to host your game server.

Relative costs of hosting

  • Bare-metal machine hosting costs can be up to 66% lower than cloud machine hosting.
    There are no costs based on data egress but you pay monthly, not on-demand, so you pay for bare-metal machine provision whether you use it or not.
  • Cloud machine hosting costs are higher than bare-metal machine hosting.
    There is a cost for data egress, but you only pay for cloud machine hosting when you use it.

With Hybrid Cloud, as player game-use varies over a week, with higher demand for host machines at weekends, and lower demand in the week, for example, the zeuz scaler increases and decreases machine provision across bare-metal machines and cloud machines.

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Image: Example of player demand variation over a week; the zeuz scaler provisioning machine capacity accordingly

Scaler example

The scaler provisions slots in machines for your game server payloads, so game servers are ready to service player demand.

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Image: Payloads running game servers or ready to run game servers, depending on player demand

Image: The scaler increases or decreases payloads running game servers, depending on player demand

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