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The Serverbrowser acts as registry for dedicated game servers, so game clients can find them through an easy-to-use and fast API.

Server browsing integrates three parties:

Filtering uses flexible, developer-defined properties and rules as well as general player count information.

For maximum flexibility and multi-seat scenarios, server browsing does not require single users to authenticate.







Amount of time since the last refresh to exclude the server from the query results

MicrosecondMicrosecond - A millionth of a second (1,000,000 microseconds ≙ 1 second)

2 minutes


Interval at which the serverbrowser runs

MicrosecondMicrosecond - A millionth of a second (1,000,000 microseconds ≙ 1 second)

1 second


see below

ExpressionExpression - A finite combination of symbols that is well-formed according to rules that depend on the context.



See Expressions for syntax details.

QueryExpressions is a map of named expressions. An expression is selected by a queries Filter parameter.
The expression must evaluate to a bool telling if it should be included in the query result. The params of the session are accessible as variables prefixed with s_ and the query params with q_

"normal_by_map": " s_map == q_map && s_gamemode == 'normal' "
"player_count" : " q_players_min >= s_players_allowed && q_players_max <= s_players_allowed "

Multiple expressions can be combined in a queries filter as comma separated list: normal_by_map,player_count

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