zeuz tool

zeuz tool provides command-line control of your zeuz projects and environments.
It can control both the local development cluster (zeuz mini) and the online service.

The SDK includes the full zeuz tool source for illustration and customization.


Authentication is needed for all other commands using zeuz tool.

Please be aware, that some characters often used in password (i.e. “!” or “#”) have to be escaped with backslash, when using certain consoles.

With API key (recommended)

zeuztool auth_login login="API_KEY" password="API_PASSWORD" isapi=true endpoint="https://zcp.zeuz.io/api/v1"

You can create API keys in zeuz control panel.

With username and password

zeuztool auth_login login="[email protected]" password="yourpassword" endpoint="https://zcp.zeuz.io/api/v1"

Upload an image

Initiates an upload session with the server. Files from the provided directory are uploaded to a temporary location until all files have been uploaded successfully.

Only one upload session can be active at a time for a given environment.

If any of the files change, a new session is required. If a previous session was in progress it can be discarded so that the new session can proceed.

zeuztool push projid=PROJECT env=ENVIRONMENT directory=SOURCE_DIR

Publish an image

This command finishes the current upload session and releases an image to be used in production.

The returned value is the


zeuztool push_publish description="Description used for display" version="Freeform version attribute. used for display" projid=PROJECT env=ENVIRONMENT

Payload definition with image name

Discard an image

This command discards the current upload session.

zeuztool push_discard projid=PROJECT env=ENVIRONMENT

Download an image

This command downloads the files uploaded and that were assigned the specified image ID.

zeuztool pull projid=PROJECT env=ENVIRONMENT imageid=IMAGEID directory=TARGET_DIR

List images

This command list the available images for the specified environment.

zeuztool images projid=PROJECT env=ENVIRONMENT

Create user

This command creates a user.

zeuztool profile_user_create login=LOGIN name=NAME password=PASSWORD endpoint="https://zcp.zeuz.io/api/v1"

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