Term Explanation
Backend A component of zeuz that provides services but is not necessarily accessible outside the system.
Bare-metal A ‘bare-metal server’ is a computer server that is a ‘single-tenant physical server’. The term is used to distinguish it from modern forms of virtualization and cloud hosting.
CCU Concurrent Users. This is the amount of users, which can use the servers simultaneously.
Client The part of a game or tool running on Users or Developers computer accessing the zeuz services.
Customer A development studio signed up with zeuz. May have one or multiple Projects using varying combinations of Products.
Daemon Part of zeuz classic. Software component that is running on servers, controlling processes and managing GameServer payloads.
Developer Game/Project Developer. A person who is part of a Team, developing a game and having access to ZCP
Endpoint A URL under which to access zeuz APIs
Environment A distinct configuration of the Project. Configuration includes binaries deployed, rules for Artemiz, scaling, …
Frontend A typically web-based component providing (limited) control over Backend services.
GameClient A game using the zeuz services.
GameServer An opaque process serving game Clients. Usually provided by the Customer in binary (image, zip) form.
Inventory Inventory is a zeuz service, that can maintain free-form player inventories.
Key-value store Service that provides a quick, distributed Key-Value data storage with limited transactional capabilities.
Lara Part of zeuz classic. Endpoint, that triggers bucket downloads from S3 into your gameserver repository. Explained here.
LateJoin The ability of a game to let Users join a Match that has already started.
Lobby Service that provides building blocks for the game phase before Users join a Match.
Machine A baremetal or cloud VM used for Gameservers or services.
Match A single round of a game that runs for a limited time with a limited number of Users.
Matchmaking Lobby service that groups online Users into matches based on rules defined by the Developers.
Microsecond A millionth of a second (1,000,000 microseconds ≙ 1 second)
Node A group of zeuz services accessible through one common Endpoint.
Product A subset of zeuz that is used to differentiate feature sets.
Payload A payload is a game server that runs as an instance on a baremetal machine. A bare-metal machine can usually run several payloads at the same time.
Profile Basic information on a User within Artemiz. Includes login credentials and other data.
Project A game Project, owned by a Team. The container unit for billing and Environments.
Ranking An Artemiz service that ranks Users on a number of Developer-defined criteria.
Robot A tool to prepare bare metal or container servers for use in the zeuz service.
Schedule An Artemiz service that triggers automatic processes and events based on wall-clock time rules.
SQLDB A Backend service providing reliable SQL database functionality, including ACID rules
Tool A graphical or command line program using the zeuz services to manage systems or help in development.
User Game(Project) User or Player. Not the same as a Developer. Someone who is playing a game that uses zeuz.
ZCP zeuz control panel. The web-based tool used by Developers to manage and configure Projects and Environments.
zeuz classic The part of zeuz covering the technology shared with GPortal. Daemon and existing GameServer infrastructure.