Getting Started

Welcome to zeuz!

What is zeuz?

zeuz is a service that enables game developers to include a wide range of online functionality quickly and economically.

We are aiming to cover all needs, including user authentication and profiles, matchmaking, inventory, ranking, telemetry, bare-metal game servers and much more… simpy becoming your dream multiplayer engine.

Please see Overview for a list of services included.

Why zeuz is better than developing your own multiplayer backend solution


Getting new dedicated servers provisioned can take hours or days depending on the hosting provider. With zeuz this takes just minutes.


Server resources in zeuz are scaled up and down on demand with no minimum terms.

It’s already there…

Reproducing all of what zeuz offers costs a lot of time. You can use this time to create awesome content for your users.

Why zeuz is better than using one of the many cloud services

More economical

Cloud computing instances are generally much more expensive than dedicated hardware when running constantly.


The zeuz service automatically adds compute resources to maintain response times.


zeuz does not tie you to a particular provider or service. Mix and match if you like.

OK, show me more

Please see grab the zeuz SDK or dive deeper into the Details.