More about zeuz

This page nails zeuz short and simple.

What is zeuz?

zeuz is a service that enables game developers to include a wide range of online functionality quickly and economically: User authentication, user profiles, matchmaking, inventory, ranking, telemetry, bare-metal game servers and much more…

We are aiming to cover all game server and service needs and simply becoming your dream multiplayer engine.

Why choose zeuz over DIY?


Getting new dedicated servers provisioned can take hours or days depending on the hosting provider. With zeuz can be done in minutes.


Server resources in zeuz are scaled up and down on demand with no minimum terms. You can even grow into the cloud with minimal effort.

Don’t reinvent the wheel – reinvent gaming experiences

You can just start to use it now. Building everything for your needs costs a lot of time. With zeuz you can directly start creating awesome content for your users and drastically reduce time to market.


We serve hundreds of thousands API requests every day. An ever-growing list of games and game studios are showing their trust for the reliable service of zeuz. It just works.

Why chose zeuz orchestration over a cloud service?

More economical

Cloud computing instances are generally much more expensive than dedicated hardware when running constantly. Our hybrid cloud orchestration allows you to automagically grow into the cloud, if needed.

Higher performance

Compared to usual cloud computing bare-metal servers are way more performant. Bare-metal servers are not shared between customers – they are exclusively yours.


The zeuz service automatically adds compute resources to maintain response times.


With zeuz you are not tied to a particular provider or service. Mix and match as you like.


We offer more than just servers. Our services are deeply integrated into our server orchestration, so we are able to scale things even better for you.


So are we! You may ask yourself: „Whats next?“

Just grab the newest SDK and visit our getting started page.